Sunday, August 15, 2010

Shift Change to the Willows

There comes a time when all projects come to an end. Today was Rosie's day.

I get rather attached to my jobs as I do them. However, there is also a certain amount of relief to see how happy the owners are to see their long awaited projects come back to them. Rosie is just beginning the trip, for now her entire interior needs to be put back. The plumbing, the electrical, the finished surfaces all need to be done. Lots of little bites eats an elephant sandwich. Just remember that as you go Elly.

See you down the road Rosie. Thank's for stopping by...

One of the good things about a project leaving is I get to start a new one. Look at that sad looking 1964 Sovereign of the Road. Jalousie windows trying to fall out, dent in the end cap. I bet the floor is all rotted out that was nailed down OVER the rotten original floor. Probably even has sagged out axles. Bet it doesn't leak though.
I would tell you more about this project, but at this time, I cannot... I do not want to spoil the surprise, so just please wait patiently till I can say more.


  1. I know it was another job well done, and totally connect with getting attached to the job at hand.


  2. Wow - I did not know they made Sovereign's of the Road past 1960.. does this one actually say "of the Road" on it? A rarity.

  3. Rosie is sitting sweet in her home driveway. Thanks for all the tender loving care Frank!!!