Monday, April 26, 2010

the real finished project

My Client was kind enough to send some photos of the Minuet with her table set up and cushions in place. Hopefully this will give a good sense of how all the textures and colors work well together. I am extremely pleased with how everything turned out.

Does anyone want a sneak peak into the Safari?

Do you remember the movie Alien? There was the scene with Sigorny trying to find the alien in the hulk of the destroyed ship. All the wires are hanging down...

well, that is how I feel in side of Rosie. No monsters in there though.

There are some failed Olympic rivets though. There are actually a number of these rivets. About 35% show signs of leakage. I have a friend that refers to Olympic rivets as single use clecos.

Rosie was hit once or twice and had three segments replaced. I will not be replacing the segments, but those single use clecos are getting replaced with real bucked rivets.

Even before Rosie left Jackson Center someone was having issues with her rivets.

Oh, yeah... Did I mention the frame? Got rust?


  1. The Minuet looks great!

    Those leaky Olympic rivets - Does it look like any effort was made to dip the rivets in sealant before installation?


  2. Love that new floor and sides to the bench. Great idea to use the countertop materials for the sides of the bench! Great job!