Saturday, April 24, 2010

Shift Change Rosie

There as been a change in the line up at Frank's Trailer Works.

The sweet little 1977 Argosy Minuet went home today with her owners. This has been yet another project of great pride. Her owners left very happy and should have many years of fun to come with her. A great deal happened in a short period of time. I hope you enjoy these before and after shots.

The carpet and fabric end panels on the gaucho were worn well.

So I made new side panels with a laminate that was used for the table top and the fridge panel also. The yellow Marmolium warms up the area real nicely. When the cushions were installed by the client, I did not have the sense to snap a shot. I will have to take one at the next rally. Everything tied together really well.

The bathroom floor was sheet vinyl like in my first apartment.

Did I mention how the Marmolium makes the space glow?

Not be redundant and show the picture twice, but with out the table top...

... and with

This was a real fun project to work on. Having an excited client really added to the momentum of the job. All the structure was checked and straightened out.

All the systems were gone over and made 100%.

She is ready for many years of camping to come.

I am very pleased with how it all came out.

And next up is Rosie.

Rosie is a 1973 23' Safari. Rosie has a fairly well documented past.

She will be a shell off floor replacement. There will be plenty of frame repairs for the welding lovers. We will see some excellent pattern making for all those interested in how to duplicate the rotten floor and assure that the curves are copied exactly. And to stir everyones dander, another axle swap.
This project should have a little for everyone to enjoy, unless Airstream restorations bore you. Hopefully if they do, you have stopped reading by now.


  1. Hi Frank, congrats on opening your business, just found your blog today, have been listening to you and the guys from the VAP, love the podcasts. I hope to one day find my vintage Airsteam and hopefully I can get you to do some of the awesome woodwork on it and whatever else needs doing. Keep the photos and posts coming, enjoy reading about the process of restoring.

  2. Judy, I wish you the best in finding your dream Airstream, and when you do, you can't do any better than Frank for any restoration work you might need done.

    Frank, the Argosy looks great, and I'm looking forward to seeing your work on that Safari.


  3. I'm so glad I didn't have to back her into the hot seat. You might be missing your shop if I had. ;-)

  4. Judy,

    Frank has your Vintage Airstream: a 22' 1954 Safari with the front kitchen layout! If you don't pick it up soon, I may have to steal it from you. Good luck! :^ )


  5. Hi all, good to know Frank has good recommendations. When I saw the photos of the cherry wood veneer work, oh boy, I loved that. I am a sucker for quality work.

    DC, it will be a while before I can buy an Airstream. Need to sell my present home first, that may take a while in this present market, hopefully next year or so. Right now I am doing lots of research and need to do some walk-thru's of which model I like the best and that too may take a while. I want this to be a long lasting purchase.


  6. Frank the Minuet looks fantastic!!!! Job well done!!!