Friday, June 11, 2010

Batten down the hatches and plywood

There are many little details to deal with before the deck it set in place. The steps were on that list of under floor systems. This is actually the top step of a two step system. Not sure where the bottom step went in the past. Anyone have one of these kicking around, let me know.

The roof of the step compartment needed a new piece of aluminum cut and installed. I was careful to put a thin even layer of vulkem between the frame and the aluminum. I want to make sure the steel does not eat up the aluminum like the original one fell victim to.

Another thing that needed to be dealt with is the bumper compartment. This is an area that had a great deal of damage due mostly to water. Three coats of Por 15 were applied in this area. Next two coats of industrial enamel were applied.

I bent some sheet aluminum up to fit the space snuggly. All contact with steel was separated by more vulkem.

The lid was installed first with clecos. I then buck riveted the hinge on.

The rear steel plate was next located. The original was so eaten up that a new one needed to be fabricated. The underside of the plywood was routed out to allow the sheet to sit flat against the frame

And there you have a nice crisp new bumper hatch.

I wanted to get all the waste line fittings on hand. When seeing how I needed to tie into the black tank, I discovered that the plastic tank is cracking apart. The entire drop part of the tank is covered by thin cracks.

Some of the cracks go all the way though. Welding plastic is just not very successful. I will need to find a replacement.

Odd thing about this tank is, it has the a date of 10/29/80 written on the top of the tank. A 1980 tank in a 1973?

And on this end is the shipping address to Jackson Center Ohio. I can only guess that in 1980 the tank was replaced.

Inca Plastics has been contacted. Wonder if it still under warranty.

The fresh water tank has been cleaned out and reinstalled in it's bay under the floor. Plumbing can be easily hooked up off of it now. The new 22 gallon grey tank has also been installed, and will be drilled for a vent and tied into the sinks and tub in the future. The tongue has been painted with industrial enamel just like the back.

I next dry fitted all the sheets. Thinks look ago now to begin bolting it down.

The plywood was next machined for Lamelos. You probably call them biscuits. When these first came into use only Lamelo made the system. I learned to call them Lamelos. Anyway, the front two sheets were glued together and fastened to the frame. Once the plumbing fittings come in, I will get the rear sheets glued together and bolted down. It is so much easier to work from above. Before the channel is installed, I will put yet another coat of sealer on the edges and the top.

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