Saturday, December 27, 2008

a pre launch launch

In order to not dilute the content of my other blog, I thought I should start a new one dedicated to my new business. I place to document the progress of my current paying projects.

My first job is the bathroom of a 1961 ambassador. The original wood work is red oak stained medium brown. As anyone familiar with early Airstream wood work knows, it was function over form. The quality of the veneers was not very important and often the cabinets were face stapled and filled with a putty. From a distance they all look good, but they do not have the richness or quality we expect from wood work today.

As you can see the oak just looks boring and washed out. My client did use a wood rejuvenatory that brought out some luster, but there is just so much beauty in rotary cut red oak veneer. I am here to do something about it. My client wanted something rich and inviting. He wanted something interesting to look at while cooped up on a rainy day. We decided to go with cherry. He decided to go with some exceptional cherry and shipped me a sheet of ropey cherry veneer.

As you can see, this is really some special cherry veneer. I have been working in wood for close to 18 years now and never have I works with such fantastic grain. I still have a few details to work on with the vanity and then I will be doing the wardrobes.

One more detail to show how incredible this cherry is. Well worth the extra money if you ask me.

More details will come soon.