Sunday, November 6, 2011


Frank's Trailer Works has purchased yet another trailer for restoration. Oddly, every year at this time, a 1966 Airstream has come looking for a new lease on life. 2011 has brought a 1966, 23' Safari. Just to stop many of you reading right now, this trailer is NOT for sale. We will be giving it to whoever commits to having it restored. The 1963 Shasta is in this same category. Free to you, if you have it restored.

She has been sitting in the woods for more than 15 years. Her owner is just not using her any more and would like to see her go to someone that will.

I post all these photos of her so you can see what these trailers look like at the very beginning of starting a new life. It does not show in the photos, but so much leaf mold as accumulated on the roof that a few seedlings are growing in it.

Take a good look, for next time you see photos of this trailer it will be all cleaned up.

I have been told it all works. Everything except the water heater.

Any of you vintage freaks recognize those curtains? Can you say "groovy baby?" We'll hold on to them as patterns when we clean her out.

The wisteria vine will be an extra charge if you want that.

All the Corning chemically tempered glass is there. All in all this is a totally complete trailer. She has never been molested. Virtually all her parts are there. Do not be fooled, she needs it all to be made new again, but with this unit, we are way ahead from the start.

If you are looking for a brand new 1966 23' Safari, FTW is looking to talk to you. We are here to make your dreams a reality.