Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Big Move

After many years of working from my house, and most recently, Mike's yard, I have moved into a commercial space. Frank's Trailer Works now resides at 824-D Landay Street, in East Baltimore.

The space seemed so immense when I first took possession. I knew it would be filling up quickly.

My space includes a wrap around fenced yard.

Also a dock height door in the rear. The yard is big enough that I could park 4-5 trailers with out any problem.

I put the Fan up front as my office. The coffee maker lives in there and the dinette makes a nice spot to order parts, drink my coffee, and eat my lunch. I have become a huge fan of the Fan. It is a very cozy trailer. I was in the process of setting up the dust collection in this shot.

She is a pretty little thing. Polished up she will be a real head turner.

Here the dust collection pipes are all run and Sovereign is in the service bay. The interior end caps have been sitting next to the shop. They and all the interior skins for the 64 Double Door are now neatly stowed above the bathroom

The 64 Double Door fits in with lots of room to work around her. I still have plenty of room for a woodworking area and a metal area. I am so glad to be out of the cold and off the wet ground. There will be no more days of being shut down due rain or snow.

Hope you enjoyed the quick little tour of the new FTW shop. Come on by and pay me a visit now.