Sunday, May 17, 2015

Access Metals

I accidentally found a new metal supplier. Access Metals is located at 8866 Kelso Drive in glorious Essex Maryland.

57 Caravanner 9 of….

Before things get too far along, I thought I might post an update for all of you…

After many hours of preparation I finally got to spray some primer on the walls.

The primer was followed up with some Zolatone. I am not sure why I bother trying to photograph Zolatone. This photo looks nothing like the actual color. It is basically a white with slight off white. There is a light blue grey and a blue in it too. Over all it gives the appearance of a very pale blue. Some see white, I see blue.

After all the interior was painted the boys over at Liberty Floor came in to install the Marmolium. The image above is fairly spot on.

The Marmolium is installed using a 2 part epoxy adhesive. I love this aspect of the installation since it creates a solid, water proof barrier under the flooring.

Brandon makes the install look so easy. He has installed a few of these floors for me now. The skill involved in cutting it to fit perfectly astounds me. 

A new product to FTW projects is called 3Form.

It is a plastic sheet material available in many colors and patterns. 

The 3Form is being used in the upper roof locker sliding doors. If lights are going to be used from behind is still to be determined.

I also got into the first aspects of refinishing the furniture. As usual much of the veneer needed to be glued back into place. 

Item by item each piece is being gone over. This takes many steps. Glue, clamp, fill, sand, and  repeat. 

On some pieces the veneer is so loose and torn up there is no option but to replace it all.

Some of the wood trim has taken on a shape of it's own. This piece can only be replicated.

Fortunately most of the wood work can just be glues back together again.