Monday, June 8, 2009

Out standing in the field

From right to left that is a 1954 Safari, a 1955 Safari, a 1959 Caravanner, and a 1963 Overlander. The work is piling up. My cabinet making days are coming to an end. Full time trailer restorations are coming into climax.

From left to right that is a 1963 Overlander, 1959 Caravanner, 1955 Safari, and a 1954 Safari. That is a royal flush if I have ever seen one. 

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Two recoveries in three days

I have driven a bunch of miles in the past three days. Today I picked up a 1963 International Overlander for Client #0003. A very nice trailer in near original condition. It needs it all, like they all do, but it is a good candidate for restoration. She is getting cleaned and evaluated.
That I 263 T 187 for those curious about these things.

"Scratches? I don't got no stinking scratches"
"I tell you, I don't got no stinking scratches..."
"Are you looking at my bumm?"
Hershey is 15 minutes from where I picked this trailer up. The original owner was from the town next door to the pick up location. This trailer always lived close to where it was bought it.

Apple Blossom Rally, Front Royal Virginia, 1964. She did travel a little bit though....

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Rainy Recovery

I went out to West Virginia today to fetch a trailer for Client #0002. It rained from 3 am when I left my house, until right after I dropped the trailer in the storage yard this afternoon. 628 miles round trip, through the mountains in heavy rain and fog is a white knuckle drive to say the least. I pushed through and made it without any issues. For a matter of fact I learned an important lesson today. If you go equipped with tires, jack, bearings, seals, grease, tow lights and multiple rolls of duct tape you will not need any of it. I got very lucky and was able to hook on, plug in, and roll. Turn signals, brake lights and running lights all worked. The electric brakes had the perfect set when applied. I didn't even have to adjust the controller. Had I left any one of those items at home, I would have needed it.
She is a 22 foot, 1959 Caravaner serial number 229186. 
Trailers do not need window air conditioners put in the front window. It might cause three sides of the window frame to be lost.
I also find that glass makes better windows than plastic panels do. Glass lets in a little more light and affords a better view of where you are camping. Polishing is something one should not do unless one is willing to complete the job.
Can you say,  SEXY?
I think that door handle is the hard to come by type. The hasp makes for good hunting cabin security.
That is the custom porch light fixture only offered in 1960.
All the custom touches and beauty marks are all able to be fixed. This trailer will be sliding right to the front of the pack for immediate attention. Stay tuned for more reports....