Saturday, June 6, 2009

Two recoveries in three days

I have driven a bunch of miles in the past three days. Today I picked up a 1963 International Overlander for Client #0003. A very nice trailer in near original condition. It needs it all, like they all do, but it is a good candidate for restoration. She is getting cleaned and evaluated.
That I 263 T 187 for those curious about these things.

"Scratches? I don't got no stinking scratches"
"I tell you, I don't got no stinking scratches..."
"Are you looking at my bumm?"
Hershey is 15 minutes from where I picked this trailer up. The original owner was from the town next door to the pick up location. This trailer always lived close to where it was bought it.

Apple Blossom Rally, Front Royal Virginia, 1964. She did travel a little bit though....

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