Sunday, December 23, 2012

Another Peek

I know many are curious about whats going on at FTW. I thought another little sneak peek of the Overlander was in order.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Fair Trade Business

I have over the years provided parts to people who need them. If they come to me free, I pass them on free and only ask for the shipping cost in compensation. Almost every time I make one of these transactions the person on the other end adds a little on as a thank you.  I always look at this as a "fair trade." Sometimes the trade is beyond fair. 

I helped out a guy named Mike in El Paso with a Bowen water heater cover. First he sent me some green and red Hatch chile sauce. Then he sent me a check that more than covered the shipping. However, he really topped it off by sending me a dozen green chile tamales and a dozen red. I am absolutely astounded by this kind of a thoughtful gift. I love tamales more than pigs love corn!

I have eaten a lot of tamales in my life. In Mexico it is very common to find a little old lady sitting on a corner, selling them out of a big cook pot. This is a true cottage industry and probably against the law. I  however, can never resist. I was almost hit by a cab once while crossing the street to get to the tamale lady. My fixation was on the steaming pot sitting on the curb, not the cars rushing down the street. I have to say Pepe's ranks right up there. 

Mike, thank you so much! I am very grateful and touched to say the least. If you need anything, you be sure to let me know.