Sunday, May 17, 2015

Access Metals

I accidentally found a new metal supplier. Access Metals is located at 8866 Kelso Drive in glorious Essex Maryland.

57 Caravanner 9 of….

Before things get too far along, I thought I might post an update for all of you…

After many hours of preparation I finally got to spray some primer on the walls.

The primer was followed up with some Zolatone. I am not sure why I bother trying to photograph Zolatone. This photo looks nothing like the actual color. It is basically a white with slight off white. There is a light blue grey and a blue in it too. Over all it gives the appearance of a very pale blue. Some see white, I see blue.

After all the interior was painted the boys over at Liberty Floor came in to install the Marmolium. The image above is fairly spot on.

The Marmolium is installed using a 2 part epoxy adhesive. I love this aspect of the installation since it creates a solid, water proof barrier under the flooring.

Brandon makes the install look so easy. He has installed a few of these floors for me now. The skill involved in cutting it to fit perfectly astounds me. 

A new product to FTW projects is called 3Form.

It is a plastic sheet material available in many colors and patterns. 

The 3Form is being used in the upper roof locker sliding doors. If lights are going to be used from behind is still to be determined.

I also got into the first aspects of refinishing the furniture. As usual much of the veneer needed to be glued back into place. 

Item by item each piece is being gone over. This takes many steps. Glue, clamp, fill, sand, and  repeat. 

On some pieces the veneer is so loose and torn up there is no option but to replace it all.

Some of the wood trim has taken on a shape of it's own. This piece can only be replicated.

Fortunately most of the wood work can just be glues back together again.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

57 Caravanner 8 of...

One photo.
 One thousand two hundred, give or take a few, pop
One thousand words.

Friday, April 24, 2015

57 Caravanner 7(actually 8) of...

Leak test. Leak test. Leak test. 

And then I had just one final leak. It was the tail light. This leak took a while to start. If I did not have the trailer in a long, soaking rain, then this one might be missed. Water was getting behind the lens.

You can see the water line on the back of the can. The water was running over the top of the socket and out the bottom. It had to build. To solve this issue the three screws securing the can to the trailer had to be removed so the bezel would sit closer to the skin. Trempro 626 helps too.
Leak Test.
Yes, Thats right, it does not leak. Eight hours in a non stop rain. Not a single seep. 

On to the first layer of insulation.

The wire caddy came out. You have no idea how many feet go into one of these trailers. Everything was prewired. Trailer wiring, 110volt, and 12 volt were all run. 

Switching was laid out.

The prewiring must all be thought out. There is no way to fish a wire through the wall once the skin is on.

All wiring comes to a new central point. Like many previous jobs I am using a main distribution box for both voltages.

A second layer of insulation is then installed.

And the interior skins go back in. In this case the first 13 went in...

Monday, April 20, 2015

Christian's Tire Service

In my on going series about the people who help me make my business go, I want to introduce you to my tire guy. Located at 5901 Pulaski Highway, Christian's does all my tire work from repairs to mounting. The fact that they are two blocks from my shop makes me very happy. I like to keep it local.

The owner of this small business is actually named Dominic. Dominic is a Korean American and he is one sharp cookie. For a man his age he could work circles around me without breaking a sweat.  His helper who has been with him for about a year now never says a word. He never stops moving either. I learned very quickly that I was not welcome to try and help. He has his job, he does it with great pride, and it is best for me to stay out of the way. I generally just drop off then pick up later. 

I had some rims powder coated then pin stripped. Dominic actually took the time to dismount then remount one of the tires so the heavy side could be out and the balancing weights would all be on the inside. Attention to detail is what one calls that. He knew, with rims looking this good no one would want to see the balancing weights. 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

They All Leak(is a tiresome rule to live by)

Lucky for me, just about every day this week it has rained. This is a good thing since it allows me to roll the Caravanner outside and let Mother Nature do the heavy lifting of finding the leaks. Unfortunately, it did not rain this past Friday. I created my own rain. 

And we are down to one leak. Oddly this leak did not show until this (what I hoped was) final test. It's all fine. This is a process. I rolled it back inside and went to killing yet another leak. Monday morning she will go back out to the leak test chamber again. 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Hoping For Rain

What do you see? Maybe you should lay back on my couch. Take in the photo and tell me what you see. My name is not Rorschach but this is a test.

This is not a Franz Kline painting. Not everything is black and white. I even shot in color for this post.

It is the result of chasing leaks. The 57 is at that stage where I do my best to make sure it will not leak going forward. They all leak. They leave my shop not leaking for a while at least.

Fortunately it has been raining everyday. This makes finding the leaks a lot easier.

I love those reproduction tail lights from Vintage Trailer Supply. They are dead ringers for the originals, just not rusted and faded. Only time can reproduce that.