Saturday, December 3, 2016

The End

If you reach this page thank you for visiting. Frank's Trailer Works has officially closed its doors. The information that this blog contains may perhaps be helpful in someones restoration project. I will leave the blog up so it can be accessed. 
The best of luck in what ever you might pursue.


  1. Sorry To Hear This . Best of Luck

  2. Sorry to read that. I hope you will still blog about what interests you.


  3. Hi Frank...I was sad to see that you are no longer in business, but happy to see that your blog will live on. I have found it be both informational and inspirational. I especially like the fact that it is packed with pictures of your projects. Pictures are good! We have a couple of boxes of Reflectix sitting out in our shed waiting to be installed in our '59 Overlander. We're doing a shell off "recreation". Perhaps we'll wait for warmer weather as winter has just arrived here in Indiana. I read many ideas on insulating an Airstream, and yours seemed to make the most sense. And it looks neat and tidy when complete. Well, thanks again for your blog. All the best...Mike