Tuesday, May 19, 2009

filling in the gaps

Now that we have had a few days of no rain the ground has firmed up a bit and I desided to move a clients trailer out into the storage yard. I had her sitting in my friends driveway. As to not wear out the welcome, it was time to move her.
Frank's Trailer Works storage facility is starting to fill in. Well, not really. Two trailers does not put a dent in six acres. But two mid fifties Safaris does make a very nice show. On the right is my 1954 I call Luna. On the left is a what was purchased as a 1954, but the serial number indicates it is actually a 1955. I had the pleasure of running up to Michigan and bringing her back a few weekends ago. They both have identical layouts and all the apliances are the same, but the bodies are very different. Luna is more square looking at her straight on, where as the 55 looks more rounded. Luna also has more slope to the rear end. Slight differences that make them all so beautiful. 

Now I just need to get a few more trailers in the field and we will be looking really sweet.


  1. You need a whale tail out there!

  2. You need a whale tail out there, Frank!

  3. Frank,
    What you're really saying is Luna is not as good looking as her younger sister but has a great ass.

  4. Frank, I always love the creative mirror photos!