Saturday, October 24, 2009

Falling for the flu

Things might seem a bit slow around here, but many little projects have been getting done that just have not warranted photos or explanation. I mean, do you really want to see axle swaps and more window work? How interesting is it to see a fantastic fan going in or a catalytic heater? I thought I would save you the boredom of seeing all that.
One thing that has gone on though is that I was visited by the N1H1(not confirmed but it was so bad only media hype could provide this kind of severity) flu. I was literally laid up for fourteen days. Somewhere in the middle of the entire illness I recovered a trailer. Yes, I went with a raging fever and recovered a trailer. Common, it was only a twelve hour day and I drank lots of hot fluids.
I went up to New Jersey and picked up this 1977 rear bedroom Argosy. Now if you want to see a time capsule, you need to see this Argosy. I would say this rig is 110% original and all in working order. It needs a little cleaning, a new paint job, and new axles, but she is very mint. Well, not mint, more like burnt orange. I had obligated to go fetch it right before I took ill. Even though I was very sick, I felt I needed to get it done. I was able to rewire the pig tail plug and get everything working except the electric brakes. I also learned that an Argosy uses a very non vintage 2 5/16" ball. A couple of trips to U haul and we were on the road. I took the trailer to her new owner and seeing her expression when I backed into her drive way made the entire trip so worth while. To see a mature woman skipping, clapping, and giggling as you are backing her trailer in makes it so worth the minor inconvenience of having the flu. Sure I got paid to do the job, but seeing Mary skipping like a little girl was the best payment I have ever received. So many look at these things as "just trailer" or a source of income. For Mary, it was the start of a whole new way of life and she was so glad to have it brought to her. I was very glad I pushed myself to do the move. I am also so glad an old girl has found someone to love her again. Good luck Mary, see you up the road....


  1. Frank, you're becoming the Airstream Santa ! Did you tow her with Rudolph, Donner & Blitzen ?

  2. "do you really want to see axle swaps and more window work?"
    Frank, yes, actually I can use all the help I can get. Post away. Sorry to hear about the flu, glad you are feeling better.

  3. Frank, I to will take all the pictures I can get, It is nice when you get customers that really appreciate the extra effort.

  4. Frank, hope you're feeling better.

    Man, a 28' rear-bedroom Argosy!!! With those dual wraps and that floorplan, it was a kick-ass trailer way ahead of its time. If we ever became a 2 Argosy family, that would be the one.

    I'd love to see an inside shot or two if you have any.

    Tom M

  5. Oh, an Argosy! Yes, do show pics. Frank, I hope you've whipped the H1N1. Take care that the kids don't get it.