Thursday, February 18, 2010

Momma didn't raise no cry baby

In my last post I cried "UNCLE" and gave up. I actually only shut down for two days, I was forced to switched gears and do indoor work. I will get to all that in my next post. I am not going to lie, the weather has been crushing.

We usually get 18" on average here where I live. Last year I think we might have gotten 8" total. The winter I did my trailer, I do not think it snowed at all.

This winter we surpassed the record for as long as they have been keeping count by our annual average.

winter is not even close to over. End of February beginning of March is our snowiest time of the winter. The farmers Almanac says next winter will make this one seem tame.

I did spend a good portion of yesterday getting Lu Lu dug out.

Time to get her wrapped up and complete.


  1. Frank, You guys are getting pounded out there, nice to see that you got Lulu dug out before the next one hits. We have gotten much more snow here in Wisconsin also but nothing like you guys, good luck with finishing Lulu.

  2. Look on the bright side Frank, it could be your chance to build a life-sized Snowstream !


  3. Hang in there amigo. I bet you could make a killer frozen margarita with all that snow!