Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Everything comes together at the same timen

As I finished the last details on Lu Lu, I also am finishing the final details on Client #0001's interior. All the parts are made and it is all ready to be installed into his trailer. I kind of have to laugh, because he was so worried about me getting his job done and now he still has floor to be put in. For some reason he wants to use winter as an excuse as to why it is not done. I think a little too much ice fishing and snow machines might be to blame, but hey. Who am I to judge how my clients spend their time away from work. (Please take note that #0001 and I are good friends and this is a friendly jab at him. He would hopefully do the same for me if I were loosing focus of getting my project done)

The curb side run of cabinets with the new reefer cabinet are trimmed out with aluminum corners to keep the kids from tearing up the corners. I like the straight grain of the quartered cherry. I hear narrow vertical stripes makes things look taller.

Scalloped aluminum edge on the counter tops looks very classic. This same edge was used in the bathroom previously. I love the nostalgic feel it creates.

A little before...

... and after.

And to round things out with some detail. I was fortunate to have trained in a formal apprenticeship situation. Unfortunately now a days very few cabinet shops use apprenticeships for their employees. My Master was a very difficult man. If something was 1/32" off, it was wrong and it was trash. Mr. Fitzgerald alway told me that the detail was everything and it was also where the money was made. He was a stickler for many things, but the final details were always key with him. One of the details a 1961 Ambassador had was mini shelves. Often these are missing. I was lucky to have most of the parts to copy how it was made. I think they look very sweet made out of cherry. The fine punched screen looks perfect in there too.

My next job is here at the Works. My posts are a little behind schedule and I am playing catch up. I will post about that job next.


  1. Excellent work as usual and I agree on the details; its all about the details. Where did you find the punched patterned aluminum?

  2. Frank, Client #0001 must be tickled! Very very nice.