Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I continued on with Rosie by drilling out the all the rivets holding the shell down in preparation of lifting it off.

At the rear I started to get a little concerned with the condition of the skin. There were many signs of serious corrosion. There are a few pin holes in the rear. It is all behind the belt line, much of the skin has been eaten away.

As the rivets were drilled more and more chunks of both aluminum oxide and iron oxide began falling out. This is a clear indication of water, dissimilar metals, and a slight electric current having mixed together. Behind the skin is a plate that aids in firmly attaching the shell to the frame.

I did manage to lift the shell off and roll the frame out from under.

There is that steel plate in the bottom left of the photo. You can also see a good deal of compromised plywood. I next removed all the "C" channel off the deck and pulled up the plywood.

This is what I found under the rear angle plate. Real nice blue color to that oxide.

And this is what remained of the top of the bumper hatch. I wonder if that kept the water out...

So here is the frame without the plywood. There is a lot of cancer in the frame. Fortunately the main frame rails are all fairly solid. Well time for some surgery...

Out comes all the bad metal.

A new cross member and seven new out riggers put back in. Hopefully the rain will stop here soon and I can finish wire brushing and get the whole thing painted again.


  1. Cool. I love the pic of the pile of outriggers.

  2. That's great that the shell-off went so well. I'm personally leery about the process because so many things can go wrong.

    Too bad about the countless, bad out-riggers. I hope you post pictures of what replaces them.


  3. I think that'll keep you busy for a while Frank. Love the shot of the airbourne Airstream.