Wednesday, August 18, 2010

That song always seems to come on the radio in the wee hours of a trailer recovery. It comes blaring out of radio late in the night, in between the Jesus stations vying for my salvation and BBC World News that runs in a continuous loop through out the night on the lower end of the radio dial. It is a fitting song, for I left Baltimore at 1am heading to pick up a trailer I had bought a year ago. This is yet another free trailer available to anyone willing to have her restored.

The Smoky Mountains are in North Carolina, but I was far from them. The clouds were totally engulfing the road as I went through Fancy Gap and down into North Carolina.

I arrived to a very nice assortment of vintage Airstreams and Avions. I had bought this little 54 Safari over a year ago and actually never set eyes on her. Kevin was kind enough to store her for me till I could get down to fetch her. After a year, I thought I had better just make the time.

I stopped in a rest area after about a half hour and the bearings were warm, but not hot. I pushed on toward Maryland.

She towed like an absolute dream. Straight as an arrow and never a single sound from the rear.

Those three windows and thirteen panels are just such an eye catcher.

I have to say at about 925 miles I hit a serious wall. I had been drinking copious amounts of coffee, I had a Mountain Dew or two, and even a Five Hour Energy. I was just feeling zapped by such a long drive. I was about to pull over to take a nap, but then I crossed the Shenandoah River and I caught a fourth wind.

When I crossed the Potomac, I actually felt revived. I knew I had less than an hour to go.

Just as the sun was going down I pulled off the highway and a few minutes later I pulled into the yard. 21 hours on the road, a few miles shy of 1000, and lots of coffee later I was home. A very long day for sure, for "it was an early morning yesterday... I was up before the dawn... I really have enjoyed my stay... but I must be moving on..."

I promise some good detail shots of this new addition to the harem soon. It was rainy today and I do not want her to look gloomy in the photos.
The current project in the shop is kind of under wraps. The plan is to revel the project in a very special way. You will all just have to remain patient till I am able start talking about it. It will be worth the wait I promise.


  1. Now that song is stuck in my head - much worse things, I guess...

    Juliet said "What a cute trailer!" Must resist free trailer temptation...

    Is this Safari more intact than your other one?


  2. I feel for you Frank. That is a heck of a lot of driving. I'm still admiring your truck by the way. Sweet ride.

  3. "...and I caught a fourth wind."

    Love it!

  4. Well worth the trip Frank. And that last shot is great; perfect for a music video - you can't beat a good flare !

    Sometime down the line (despite having the Flying Cloud in the UK) I do have a plan to get a few friends together and sort out a Stateside trailer for us all to share on trips over - so I may yet become a customer of yours.


  5. I cannot believe you put her off for a year! She is too cute!