Monday, October 11, 2010

Sneaking One In

I have been doing a VAP exclusive with my current project, but I really felt the need to sneak this post in. FTW is moving into a rather large and somewhat spartan space. There is no office or break room, so I am bringing one in.

Here is the FTW office/ break room. She is a 1960 Fan. Aluminum skin, but not riveted like an Airstream. I know many of you think I am an Airstream dude(my nickname at the Port of Baltimore. A number of Port workers call me that as if they know me. I only know Diane. She is the nice lady that makes my paper work official. There is very little I would not do to keep her happy. My wife even knows, if the call comes, I might have to take one for the team) however I have a strong affection for many other brands. While I am being honest and direct, Airstream, well, how to phrase this kindly,... are not "THE BEST" as many think. There are some much nicer and much better built trailers out there. I just happen to like Airstreams the best, and have only worked on them so far. Moving on.

This little Fan is not however better built than an Airstream. It is a stick built, screw, nail, and staple trailer. Quality and longevity were not the motivation for it's construction, use was. Big bang for the buck. Functionality over design.

So many trailers are built in Indiana. Does anyone know why? I realize you think I have all the answers, but I do not know the correct answer to this one.

Wakarusa Indiana. Wakarusa is right next door to Elkhart. Elkhart seems to be the epicenter of trailer fabrication. Why?

I really dig this aluminum siding. The Hehr Standard windows are a big hit with me too. The steel screws, not so hot on those.

Kind of a nice pedunka dunk...

That is the smallest Herh window I have ever seen. 6" tall including the frame.

Nice big window in the door.

A small but efficient galley. A good place to make coffee, heat up some soup. Heck with a nice cast iron griddle, I could fix anything on that stove top Princess. Hopefully the Dometic works so that I can keep some Natty Boh cold. For when clients and visitors come, not for me, I would never have a cold one at the end of a hard day.

A nice spot to eat lunch, go over details, shop for parts...

Cold water washing of dishes. Might need a grey tank for that. The space does have hot and cold water. Maybe I can pipe it in..

And if I get too tired, a place to lay my head.

If either of my daughters are rendered into indentured servitude to me, I have a bunk for them.

I will have Saintly protection. Is Saint Anne the patron Saint of trailer restorers?

The Fan has or has had a few leaks. They all leak ya know.

If the power ever goes out I can fire up the Humphry lamp and keep right on going.

Hope you enjoyed the tour of my soon to be office trailer. My next post will be back on track with the 64 double door.


  1. Looks like my kind of trailer...whoo hooo...

  2. She'll make a FANtastic office Frank.

    Yes we all love our Airstreams but its good to big-up some of the SOBs. Zolatone & polished endcaps are all very well but that wood interior does look cosy. If the truth be known we'd probably all like an Airstream, a Shasta, an Aerolite, a Spartan Royal Mansion and, of course, a Bowlus Road Chief... sadly pockets just aren't deep enough.

    Enjoy her & your new workshop.

  3. An inside office is a great idea. Now, how about a photographic tour of your new digs?

  4. Thanks for the tour - very nice!

  5. Why is Elkhart the epicenter? Elkhart has a strong Amish community around it, they employ plenty of the Amish at the RV factories. Centrally located for distribution? Also, wasn't Studebaker out of South Bend IN? They got their start building wagons, maybe a connection there?

  6. I just bought a FAN very similar to this one. I can't find a V.I.N. or year on it... Where would I look? I've just started restoring it.