Sunday, June 17, 2012

Ovation for Donations

Last week two boxes showed up at FTW from fellow Airstreamers. In both boxes were all the left overs from two different restoration projects. To many this looks like junk, but oddly in each box there was at least two items that were needed on the Toaster project.

I have been saving every single unwanted item and find that often I have to go look through the various boxes; "Interior Lighting", "Cabinet Latches & Catches", "Exterior Lighting", "Locks, Dead Bolts, & Hold backs"... There are about ten such boxes on my parts shelf. At least once a week I go route through, looking for this or that. Nothing that ever comes from these boxes is added to the bill unless I had to pay money for it. Many of you might find this a lost revenue stream, but to me, it is just the right thing to do.
A few months back, we did some Fantastic Vent installations. The original vents were carefully drilled off and put on the shelf, the next day a trailer came in with a bad roof vent and I was able to take one right off the shelf and install it at no cost but the labor. I just love this form of recycling!

So, when these two boxes came, I was elated. Not only was it all good usable stuff, but some of it actually replenished some items I was getting low on. A huge THANK YOU to Sam B and Marcus M for these donations to the cause. I promise to use them in an honorable way.

I want to firmly state, I am NOT a parts dealer. As profitable as parts are, I use the parts and really do not want get into selling them.

If anyone has unwanted items, I would be glad to take them off your hands. I would even be willing to compensate you for shipping and or the item(s). That said, if your looking to make some money by sending me your parts, please just list them on a classified website. Not everything in this World needs to be about making money.

FTW is located at 824 Landay Avenue Suite D, Baltimore Maryland 21237. We would be glad to accept anything left over, from screws to complete trailers(yes, twice now I have been given free trailers). I can give you my word, I will find a good home for any and all of it.


  1. That's very cool of you, Frank!

  2. Frank, those are indeed treasure boxes... those lights! Wow. I just love to look through those goodies, even if they don't fit my trailer. You are very lucky :-) Good Karma! Tina