Monday, October 21, 2013

Inside Fred

As promised, here are the interior photos of the 1964 Overlander known as 'Fred.' Great pains were taken to make Fred look as original as possible. Fred was a restoration, so by definition it was returned to its original condition. As you may notice, some aspects are not original to 1964, but the overall feel is very much 1964.

Mission cherry was not a 1964 stain option, but it sure looks great on the oak that was original. 

About half of the furniture has been rebuilt, but you would never know what was and what was refinished.

A number of modern conveniences were added to the restoration. This cabinet was altered to house the blue ray player and stereo. Surround sound was added also.

A new, low profile air conditioner replaced the original unit. Both roof vents were replaced with Fantastic Vents.

Shelving was added to make for better use of the existing cabinets.

This is a gem of an addition. A ceiling-mounted flat screen. It folds up for travel, or when not in use...

it folds down when needed. It can face the salon, or turn around to be viewed in the bedroom. The underside of the cabinet above the stove was clad in aluminum so it could be cleaned easier.  

All the plastic bathroom parts were repaired and painted with a metallic paint that mimics aluminum very well. This photo does it no justice. The color also picks up similar colors in the curtains and upholstery. The toilet seat cover is leather. I would love to say it is fine corinthian leather, but it's just real leather.

This cabinet originally had little shelves. 

Now it has pull out drawers. A great place for all those assorted bathroom items.

The counter tops were all remade using a truly retro pattern. I have used this laminate line a number times now. It is always a big hit since it looks so original, even though it's not. The aluminum edging is always a big hit, also.

This is a great feature. 

My favorite addition to the trailer is this new, old stock 1964 oven stove combination. Yes, it is a brand new, never used stove. You could never make up that sun gold yellow color. It still has the sales decals on it, as you can see. I am also very fond of the way I trimmed out the stove opening with aluminum.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the interior of this project. Once again, I am very pleased with the finished product. I hope you will stay tuned in for the 1968 Caravel currently under way. 


  1. Looks great. Thanks for the tour.

  2. Great work as ever Frank - particularly love the bathroom.


  3. Very nice work! I really like the TV mounted on the ceiling,and the counter tops and the bathroom. Actually I like it all and I'm taking notes,I'll be using some of your ideas. Hope you don't mind.