Friday, July 3, 2015

1957 Caravanner 10 of...

I need to offer my readers a big apology for the rather large gap in this blog. I suffered with computer failure, camera failure, and connectivity issues. To top it all off, I was also rather absorbed in completing this project. I hope the following post will make up for any disappointment. I should also tease you with the fact there is an upcoming movie of all of what you see below being installed back into this project. In the mean time, I have some photos of the finished project.

Please, come inside. Looking is free...

As you step in, you cannot miss the galley. Most everything was re used here. We did go with a new stainless steal countertop. I had Metal Benders do a non directional finish. 

Normally stainless has a grain to it. I have found that it scratches very easily and the grain highlights all the scratches. This non directional surface is soft and aged. Imperfections go away as use adds to the texture.

Originally the stove cover lifted to the rear and covered the window. I switched the hinging and added a flip out support to stretch the counter space.

You may recognize the fridge from when it was put in a few years back. I really love the front I made from old metal. Even though I executed this, it is not my own idea. My trailer hero, David Winick has done something similar many times. I could not help emulate it. For the record; David is in my opinion the best in this business. I aspire to do work at the level he does. 

Here is your view looking towards the rear.

In the rear curbside corner is the toilet.

It is a rather compact space but is a relief during those late nights...

I love this niche. It creates the feel of a proper dresser. In more deluxe models the top would open and contains a sink. I am leaning against a sink as I took this photo. As cool as the concept of a hidden sink is, who needs two sinks, 4 feet apart? 

Here you see the room divider deployed. It can easily be removed to keep that open feeling.

And right here is where I would spend a good deal of time reading a good book. 

A metal grill was added to the door screen. I might have mentioned, in this era, the door screen was riveted between the door panel. To replace the screen you had to take the door apart. With four West highland Terriers we thought it best to take preventative measures. 

I hope you enjoyed this little post. There will be some professionally shot photos coming soon on top of that short movie. I hope you will check back in again...


  1. WOW! Nicely done Frank! My patience is reenergized seeing once again the top quality work you do! Excited to get in our 28' and work on it bit by bit~

  2. Very nice! Love the warm feel of the woodwork.