Friday, February 6, 2009

Sending it North

I know it has looked like I have been working on this vanity forever, but it actually has just been sitting waiting on the countertop edging to come.

The edging was back ordered so it took a while to show up. I feel this edging is very timeless in it's appearance and that is why it was used. The laminate is very neutral and should allow for matching any colors or patterns very easily. My client just needs to cut out for the sink and this baby is good to go.

That pealing edge on the side is the protective plastic film over the aluminum sheet. My client will peal it off once he puts it in. I am very proud of the way it came out. I look forward to doing the rest of the furniture as soon as it comes to me. This cherry is without a doubt fitting of an Ambassador. Frank's Trailer Works courier service (Rob Baker on his way home from Camp Lejeune in North Carolina) is due in any moment. He will ferry it up to central New York.


  1. Very nice indeed. So where did you get your aluminum edging? I know Outwater Plastics has a place in NJ and one here in AZ and I can highly recommend their products.


  2. I'm sorry, I know its been said before but that cherry is simply spectacular. I just caught myself staring into it again.

    (The edging ain't too shabby either.)

    Well done.


  3. Nicely done Frank. That edging is the perfect vintage touch