Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Now don't be jealous....

Jealousy is a cardinal sin is it not? Oh, who am I kidding, and what do I know about sin... What I do know is good things happen to good people. A very good thing has happened to a very good friend and and I am happy for him beyond belief.

Rob Baker has bought the farm. No, he is not dead, he bought a farm. Sixty two acres of beauty in Central New York. The property is spectacular and it could not have happened to a more deserving family. This is the view from what I hope will become my personal courtesy parking spot. Fish right out the front door in this beautiful spring feed pond.

My oldest and I drove up on Sunday morning to help move some items up to the house from their old house down the road. Our kids were able to do what kids do best, play in the great outdoors. Ava and Stanton had a blast going down the hill on sleds as Rob and I moved things. Needless to say, she did not want to leave after we got Luna hooked up to the truck

Now settle down. Yes that is Luna and yes she is mine. Well, actually she is my companies. Luna is a 1954 front kitchen Safari. If anyone knows the history of these trailers, they will know that they were designed by caravanners for caravanning. These layouts a fairly rare, and were very well thought out. This is the perfect trailer for a couple traveling together for long periods of time. My intension is to see her restored faithfully to original condition. I am guessing that it will be a long term project and may not happen for many years to come. I will be sealing her up and trying to keep her from degrading any more than she has. I would have to say her present condition is very rough. A diamond is very rough too before it is cut into a gem.

I towed her home yesterday without any issues. Thank you Rob for letting me be her next owner.

There is only one thing vintage guys want more than thirteen panels and that is fifteen. I can live with thirteen.

Poor fella, should have stayed in Florida where he belonged. I will have to save him and find a place to put him in a shadow box as one of the archived trailer finds.

Straight skin with very few flaws. There is only one major scratch down the street side and it is so consistent and straight that it almost look intentional.

Yes they all leak... all three vents leak.

Big window to cook in front of. The one on the right is inside the bathroom.

I scream, you scream, we all scream what a killer Airstream...

Not sure it is original, but it does look very cool.

I am sure it is not original...

Ohio built trailer for sure.

... appliances untested at present, but previous owner claimed they work in the past...

... small easily repairable soft spot at front door...

That head is direct drop. I will probably have to do something about that.

Most people freak out over mouse droppings. Are rat dropping worse or better?

Hey someone stole my light fixture... wonder where that got off to. Could it be that item was something someone wanted the trailer for? Would they remove just that part? Could it be in someone's house down in Florida on their ceiling? They were very attractive in 1954.

That is some sort of home spun air conditioning system. It vents out through the back hatch and was installed in a fairly professional way. Unfortunately it was it has changed the total feel of the rear end. Instead of two twin beds with a night stand between them, there is this sleeping platform. I will be removing every single bit of what you see here. I do toy with making it a double or queen, so Beth and I can sleep together in the same bed.


  1. I see 4 vents - and yes, they all leak!

  2. Frank
    Rob's farm is nice BUT Luna is nicer ! A lot of similarities with my 53 Flying Cloud, with the exception of the interior. You've got yourself a real gem there & I'm sure she couldn't be in better hands.
    Glad the tow home went without issue. Keep posting the pictures.
    ... and have you got another 5 questions for PeeWee ?!

  3. "... small easily repairable soft spot at front door..."

    I LMAO at that! :)

    Well, at least Rob didn't cover that small soft spot with Pergo and tell you it was a fully renovated trailer...

    Luna looks great, glad you finally have her down in Baltimore. Looking forward to watching the (lengthy) restoration process.

  4. Frank,
    She's a real beauty, well done and glad the trip went better than your trip to see Butch. Look forward to seeing her in the flesh sometime this year.

  5. That is one cool trailer! Love the layout and I can't wait to see your work on it.