Tuesday, March 3, 2009

you want me to make sense of that pile?

I have begun the next stage of bathroom work for Client #0001. I am now doing his bathroom wardrobes. He kind of took them out in pieces and it is my job to fix them.

I sorted out what was what and labeled it all so I could keep track of which parts are which. I then proceeded to remove all the hinges, screws, catches, and countless Byam hooks.

A very cool thing I have realized is that the guys that made these cabinets took some pride in what they did. They actually signed their name to each cabinet and included the trailer serial number. Right you are, 28 footer, 1961, twin bed, #268 off the line. I wonder what Pete's last name was. I wonder how old he is now. I wonder if he knew Clayton who built my cabinets for Anna the following year.

I then made measured drawings of all the parts. I have opted to start from scratch instead of repairing everything. Building them all new will save considerable time and effort in the long run. I am also very certain that I can builds a better cabinet than Pete did back in 1960.

I used some totally clear, light pine to construct new frames for the cabinet fronts. These will next be covered in 3 mm birch plywood. they are almost the same as the originals. I made them 11 mm shorter to compensate for the new cork flooring and changed the bottom detail.

Before the bottom of the door opening had a gap in the frame so air can come in under the door. It still can, just now it will do so through this opening. I made this change so the frame work will be more rigid at the floor. I am also going to make provisions for electrical equipment to go into the bottom of the curb side wardrobe. The street side will be converted to fixed shelves. In our modern age, we just do not have as many hanging clothes as we use to. This also makes a good storage for towels and linens.

Stay tuned for the next steps to this project.

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