Wednesday, March 25, 2009

X251 has landed, Houston, I repeat, X251 has landed...

I have been waiting patiently to take that photo. I have dreamed a great deal of touching one of Wally Byam's trailers. Today both of those things came true. Yes Folks, that is the X251, Airstream founder Wally Byam's Bubble built in 1954 for Wally and his wife Stella to scout Europe for a caravan to take place in 1955. This trailer is truly one of a kind in many aspects. Hopefully over the next few months some of you out there will enjoy seeing her restored to her original glory. My first step will be to evaluate her condition and to come up with a game plan that works for myself, my client(I will refer to him as "client #0002" until he gives me the green light to speak of him by name), and the trailer. All three of us have a vested interest in this project. She has been treated like piece of meat over the years, tossed around and treated as a trophy. Virtually every owner, especially the previous one has exploited her for personal gain. Her new owner is a different man. He has a big heart with which he follows through life. He saw the opportunity to not only have a special trailer, but one that has a significant role in Airstream history. I am very, no, extremely fortunate to be a part of helping his dreams come true. I hope to make everyone proud in the process.

The road to my shop has not been a smooth one to say the least. Our first transport company some how lost touch with the significance of this move. The X251 was in Phoenix Arizona and needed to get to me here in Baltimore. That is 2331 miles door to door. I contemplated all the options. At first I thought I would drive out, hook on and tow her back. Then a friend was going to fly out, rent a truck and flat bed trailer and bring her to me. Then the logistics and legalities of it all caught up to us and we realized that using a professional transportation company was the way to go. The first company specialized in vintage trailer moving. A good fit we thought. Well they also specialized in taking their sweet time and not wanting to deal with me, the guy with the huge wad of $50's and $20's on the receiving end. We went with a lucky lady and she and her son came through with flying colors.

The company I will always use is Buckner Transportation. Toni and her son Philip seen here did an out standing job. This is a family run company and service is their middle name. I was contacted twice daily from the moment they left to go pick her up, until she got to me. I knew everything that was happening and every single problem that was found. These people have my full respect and I will now be a very loyal customer. Got a trailer or car needing transporting? Call Toni. She and her son kick ass! As soon as my website is fully built out there will be an ad for them. They are definitely part of the Frank's Trailer Works cooperative. So if you have not gotten the message yet, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND BUCKNER TRANSPORTATION.

Very nice rig they haul with to say the least. Professional is saying very little about the entire operation. You might notice the two straps around the trailer. That was a saving grace thought up by Toni and Philip to get her here in one piece. I will go into that in my next post.


  1. Great news Frank. I'm sure you are excited. I love the photo and that could be a great official photo of your company. It really shows the respect you have for this brand.

  2. Best of luck.It will be beautiful when you are done

  3. Great opening photo! It was fortunate you had the right kind of film in your camera for the shot.

    Client #0002's Airstream is in great hands.


  4. Frank,
    Glad to know the X251 has landed and in one complete piece. I am looking forward to your restoration of this segment of Airstream history.

  5. THAT is AWESOME! I know you will treat her well.

  6. Nice job Frank - that sepia photo suits the two of you.