Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Undercover Bubble

The X251 has spent most of her past twenty five years in the southwest. Now she is here in Baltimore and we are having an unusually rainy spring. I seems to rain every other day. I needed to get her under cover so I can work even while it rains. I purchased a 20 X 10 X 10 foot portable garage. She fits in there just perfect and now I can work rain or shin.

As you can see another storm is rolling in. I have not decided weather or not to put on the sides and ends. I will probably keep it open to make work easier. Hopefully tomorrow I will get in there and start removing the entire interior. I am very interested in seeing what I will find as I dig in deep, bet my client is too.


  1. A dry trailer is a happy trailer. :)

    Can't wait to see if "the walls talk".

  2. Nice, that should help out the Bubble quite a bit and make your Client happy.

    And, I LOVE that whale tail. Just beautiful! :)


  3. Nice g'rrrraage, as you'd say. We Brits would get by with garridge.
    Particularly relevant as I'm tapping this out from your side of the pond - in Tribeca, NY - working flat-out, so unfortunately no time for any Airstreamy distractions - except to pick up an order from Vintage Trailer Supplies. But another time I'll come & track down Frank's Trailer Works.
    Looking forward to seeing some interior photos of X251.
    Best from a sunny NY

  4. Chris,
    You should pop by and visit my brothers vintage clothing store on the corner of prince and eliz - called eleven, if you get the chance. Plenty of 50's gear to go with your trailer. I always like popping down in eight mile creek on Mulbury for a aussie pie and mash.
    Gosh you got me thinking of paying new york a visit very soon.