Wednesday, March 4, 2009

#0001, you getting excited?

I have to say that working with Client #0001 has been a total pleasure. He has for the most part given me total free reign to do as I please. He has repeatedly told me that he trusts my judgement and to let him be surprised. I always bounce all my decisions off of him, but for the most part it is my final call. That level of trust is very gratifying to say the least. Some how it motivates me to do an extra special job. I have no doubt that in the end, he is going to be blown away.

Today the face frames got decked in 1/4" birch plywood, then quarter sawn cherry veneer was applied to that. I did both wardrobe fronts and also managed to make both of the forward facing sides.

The veneer is from a company called Oakwood Veneer. I have been buying from them for a number of years and to say the least they put out an excellent product. The fiddle back in this quarter sawn of rift cut veneer is very nice. This is just the residue of the mineral spirits I used to wipe the panel after fine sanding. Once lacquer is applied that grain is going to pop.

Here is a quick preview of the wardrobe mocked up.


  1. Nice job Frank... Chippendale would be proud (that's the 18c furniture maker not the hen-night strippers !).

  2. Nice work Frank, how thick is the veneer you use? What adhesive/glue do you recommend?

  3. The veneer is 10 mil paper backed. I apply it using bond rite contact adhesive.

  4. Are the frames 1 x 2 pine with birch on top then the veneer? That seems like a lot of steps. Doesnt the edge when looking from the side look layered.?

  5. It looks just like it did originally. I am not re inventing the wheel, I am rebuilding it over.