Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Come and get it....

I received a comment on my Anna Lumanum blog that someone out there thought I had given up on this blog. Well I am here to state "No!!!!!" My camera has been malfunctioning and I have not been able to document things properly. Yes, I could ramble on and on, but pictures speak much louder than words. So whoever you are... please leave your name next time.... This ones' for you.

Just like old Pete back in 1960, I am very proud of my work. I seriously stress over it. I worry about every little detail and not a single mistake gets by. Unlike Pete however, I finish my cabinet interiors and the exteriors. I left my mark on both wardrobes as a sign of my pride.

This is the curb side wardrobe. The toilet side is the same laminate as the vanity counter top. I wanted to carry the visual texture over and also give a the wall next to the toilet some added protection. My client and his sons are a manly lot, his wife can thank me later.

This is the street side. I used aluminum here as this faces the shower. That ruffled edge is protective film that is still in place. I believe my client will be putting his diverter on this wall so that the shower head can be mounted as high as possible. This is something I also did in my trailer and it is truly an improvement.

Another improvement was converting this closet to shelves. In the early 60's folks must have hung a lot of stuff up. Today we tend to fold things more. This closet will provide a place for bedding, towels, and bathroom supplies.

Yet another improvement is the air slots I made. On Pete's cabinet, it was a stamped aluminum disc that was visually very obtrusive. I routed in these slits to allow the air to come in under the door and rise up and out. This system should work very well in the curb side wardrobe which will house all the electronic.

Next up: Herh Mark xii window rebuild 101, 102, and 103. That will be followed by the arrival of Wally Byam's Bubble known as X251.


  1. My God, what beautiful work. I cannot wait to get these installed in my trailer. You've done such amazing work on these and my vanity, I am really feeling the pressure to make sure my work on the rest of the trailer matches the quality you've put into your work. Frank, you are the man.

  2. Man I really wish FTW were closer to ATX!

    Nice work, Client #0001 is going to be blown away!


  3. You can feel the passion.


  4. Very nice work, Frank. Do you make house calls? I have all the tools necessary. Can't wait for progress on the X251.