Friday, July 17, 2009

She always wanted to take a Transatlantic cruise

I took a customers trailer to the Port of Baltimore today. She was made to travel and any romantic lady her age has always dreamed of a Transatlantic cruise. I dream of one too. Maybe once a client does a complete restoration I will accompany the trailer on the boat. Most cargo ships offer state rooms on board for passage to the general public. This is a fair unknown fact and an off the beaten path travel tip I recently discovered.

There was another old lady waiting for her cruise ship to arrive. I am not certain of the exact year, but I think it is a 1952 Spartanette. When the right person corrects me I will insert the proper date. My escort also escorted this trailer into the Port, so he knew the entire story. This trailer has had one owner. It was bought brand new by a couple in West Virginia. They lived in it full time until last winter when  the old lady sold it. The guy who purchased it from her had to remove a lean to addition and a tool shed built onto the rear. This trailer needs serious attention. Someone in the UK has bought it and plans to do just that. 

I mentioned my escort. To enter the Port one needs a special clearance card called a TWIC card. The Port Authority is trying to make our homeland more secure and somehow having a card will insure this. Sorry, I digress, My escort.... I had to hire one to take me in. Joe is now my man. Until I get an official TWIC card, Joe is the guy I will call. He walked me through the entire process, giving me the proverbial "hand holding" I needed. I would have been totally lost without him. It was well worth the cash fee I had to pay him to do it. Thank you Joe for the great service you gave me.

Well there she sits next to the Spartanette and a couple dozen fifth wheel white boxes heading to Iraq. All that farm equipment you see is heading to South America. There was every type of farm implement, construction equipment, boat, campers, and used cars waiting for their Transoceanic cruise to some where in the world. There was also a vast area filled completely full of tanks, trucks, and humvies all painted desert tan and looking war front bound. 

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