Sunday, August 2, 2009

Eight well spent hours.

I have heard it said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. On a classic Airstream Caravanner the windows are the eyes to the soul. The aesthetic of those three long horizontal windows is something very keen to say the least. The previous owner had zero insight into this fact when he covered them over with materials to block out the light or to block out peoples vision inside. This 1959 Caravanner needed badly to be changed back to the way it was intended.

The front window had a piece of plastic in it. The middle one was covered with styrofoam and a sheet of aluminum. No glass was in either of those two openings. The back window had glass, but the inside was covered from the inside with plywood that had been riveted to the inside frame.

I installed new butyl window seal, new glass, inner gasket, and outer gaskets. I also replaced the cranks and the missing crank track to one of the windows. Now all three windows work perfectly. The one that was missing cranks still needs the locking latches installed as soon as I get the right size screws to attach them.

The side window was a chuck of super brittle acrylic. I am amazed at how much the outer gaskets shrinks. That piece is 15" long and it had shrunk a full 2" in length.

This window got the full treatment just like the other side and now works perfectly. It is amazing what a major transformation took place in a mere eight hours.

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  1. Hey Frank, Windows look great, now that you have gotten all that practice I have 10 windows on the Cruiser you could fix up if you are looking for some fun.