Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dramatic change on the cheap

I wanted to show you all how much two hours gets you in my shop. How much bang for the buck can you get?
This is the door eyebrow on a client's 1959 Caravanner. It is beat up and very unsightly. I do not know about you, but the first place my eye goes when I see an Airstream is right to this location. A change needed to be made, but these eyebrows are not made any more. Except, I know how to fabricate them, so they are made today.

I got out the shears, the bead roller, and my hand brake. Some 2024 T-0 and a couple of hours later, we had a nice new eye brow.


  1. Frank, my eye went straight to that unique outside light.

  2. The new eyebrow looks great, but I have to agree with Doug.

    Maybe the PO installed the bulb to draw attention away from the eyebrow...