Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Another 10 at 5

The general rule of thumb for a polish job is a "10" from 10 feet away. The folks at 1st Impressions gave Ace a "10" at 5 feet. That is twice the expected shine at less than half the normal price. I talked to Charles this morning and he has three trailer stacked up to be converted to a shiny vintage rig. If you all are contemplating having your trailers polished by 1st Impressions Polishing and Detailing, you had better not wait too long. I think Charles and Toni are going to be knee deep in Airstreams before they know it.

Ace was most impressed for sure. His 1966 Caravel was converted from a drab old trailer to a shiny vintage beauty. I was very impressed also.

The transformation is astounding.

This polish will just get better and better each time it is done. Ace, just like me has already gotten on the calendar for next year in late Winter/ early Spring to get it done again.

Before you ask: 1st Impressions Polishing and Detailing, Hanover Pa, 443-277-0509 ask for Charles and tell him I sent you so he knows who the referral is from.


  1. I keep telling myself that I have to wait until the restoration is complete before polishing again, but this is really making me jealous. Those guys are doing some nice work.