Friday, July 23, 2010

Hot as Hades

FTW had a visitor yesterday. Bruce is back with his 64 Sovereign of the Road. The Willows is what he calls her. She is going to be having significant work performed as soon as I finish up Rosie.

Bruce was shocked by the heat wave too.

Today I had to pack the tools in early. Once the thermometer goes past 100 I stop working. Call me what you want, but I just cannot hang in the full sun when it is that hot. Aluminum reflecting the sun light adds to the affect.

Speaking of reflecting... look what 1st Impressions is up to.

This is a close friend who took his trailer to them. He got right in line behind me. His trailer was clear coated and Charles and Toni stripped her down and are bringing her back up to a nice shine. The cost per foot has gone up to strip Charles tells me. The price of the chemicals has risen significantly, so please ask him for the cost and do not rely on me for pricing.

What a transformation...

Smile boys, you should be proud....

I love this one for sure. Kind of hard to get a proper perspective at first. Someone is going to have a huge smile when he picks up this weekend. I know 1st Impressions has two more coming in the very near future. I know you will ask so here ya go...Charles @ 443-277-0509 or Terri @ 717-817-0796. Let em know Frank sent you....

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