Saturday, January 1, 2011

On The Down Low

It has been just a tad too long since I posted last. I had been trying to keep my posts corresponding to the new episodes of The Vintage Airstream Podcast. Due to the holidays, the Show has taken a little time off, but Frank's Trailer Works has been going full steam ahead. The Double Door is getting closer and closer to being a water tight shell.

A considerable amount of time has gone into cleaning all the openings. I can not be certain if it was a factory job, or a later upgrade, but the adhesive used to hold all the door seals was very thick and very resistant to removal. We actually had to melt it off with solvents. Usually a heat gun is all that is needed, but this stuff was nuclear. We persisted and the openings are now as clean as the day the trailer was built.

It is very important to me that when this trailer leave here, it not leak. I have no illusions that it never will. They all leak eventually, but this trailer is going out dry. Before I can get all my seams sealed 100%, I need the trailer to be polished. I had Charles and Tony from 1st Impressions come down and take care of this. The first step was to flash off the aluminum. I know, I just opened myself up to some serious criticism, but I will be doing EVERY seam over from the front and back. The flashing material is a diluted acid that reacts to the aluminum oxide. The surface, after washed off, is soft and silky...

... and after a little alchemy, and lots of dirt and grime, you have a polished shell.

I know I have not gotten too deep into details in this post. I just wanted to give a little peek into what has been going on. This Thursday is a taping of The Vintage Airstream Podcast and I promise to give a more in depth post of the prepping,the polishing, and working on those pesky 1964 Hehr Clear View windows. No wonder they were only used for one year. That could be a whole VAP show in it's self.

Till then, Happy New Year.


  1. Looks awesome Frank! This year I will be building our 3rd car garage for Belle and Ill have more time to seal seams!

  2. Oddly, the Double Door looks two feet longer in its now shiny state.