Friday, April 8, 2011

For an Anonymous Reader

I have been corrected by an anonymous reader. Someone out there does find axle swaps exciting. He or she asked I not post their comment, but it was along the lines of, "I find axle swapping exciting and you not posting pictures leaves me feeling like I missed out on something I wanted to see". Those are not the exact word, but more the jest of the comment. I hate to disapoint, so here are some before and after photos. Sorry, but I just did not take any "during" photos. One get really dirty changing axles and touching my camera during it is the last thing I want to do.

Here are the original axles on this sweet Sovereign that came in to the Works for a little swap out.

Wicked cool full moon hub caps! Wicked sagged out axles. -15 degree angle is not good.

Brand new #4000 Dexter axles. The axle tubes are 1/2" larger than the original #3400 axles and required a widening of the axle socket. Lots of sparks were flying while we cut out the metal. I like making sparks, it feels like mechanical victory.

Did you get a rise out of this? The trailer got a 4" rise and 800 pounds of extra carrying capacity.

I enjoy swapping axles. I enjoy it so much that, FTW is going to run a Spring/ Summer/ Fall Axle Swap Special. I will charge you $100/ axle to install them and the axles will be at cost. Measuring is easy as pie. I will hold your hand through all the info needed. When the axles arrive from Dexter you can drop off your trailer in the morning, go see Baltimore. Then pick up after lunch. I can send you off on any sort of adventure you desire in Baltimore, from a walking tour of the inner harbor, a museum tour, historic places, or my favorite off beat restaurants. I will even install Axis axles for the same price if they are ordered through Colin Hyde and drop shipped to my shop. I guarantee, you will not find a better deal for your money. Your trailer will be very glad too.


  1. Gosh Frank are you feeling ok? Wish your shop was closer to Chicago!

  2. Hi Frank,
    Leaf springs vs torsion axles? I'm curious to know how common it is for your pre-61 Airstreams to stay with the leaf springs? I decided to stay with the leaf springs on my '58 and I'm starting to wonder if I made the right decision.

  3. $100 per axle? Heck, I should fly you out to the Pacific NW and have you do my three! (Two on the Argosy and one on the '63 TW). I wouldn't even spec shocks! :)

  4. FTW FTW!!!

    (frank's trailer works for the win!!)

    sorry, I guess I've spent too much tome on some other forums.

    Frank, I will call you on this!! Thank you!