Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Visit From Tim the Tool man's Neighbor, Wilson AKA Wayne

More work has been progressing on the Double Door since my last post. Wilson has been busy stripping, polishing, and painting the interiors of some 1954 overhead lockers that are being repurposed. They came out very well as you will see later in this post. While Wayne worked on the overheads I spent a good amount of time fabricating the interior cabinet structures.

Once fitted, it was all removed to be finished. The interiors of the cabinets and all the side panels were sanded and finished.

I use a professional line of products by ML Cambell. I shoot two coats of sealer followed by two topcoats. Everything is sanded to 150 before any sealer goes on and every layer of finish is scuff sanded with 320 in between. These finishing products require personal protective equipment. It is all solvent based and most likely illegal in California.

The photo never does the grain any justice. This finish is still wet in this photo, but it will dry out to a #20 sheen. That is not dead flat, but dull in sheen. My client likes a finish like this. I usually use a #45 sheen which most call a satin. I must say, I am becoming very fond of the dull sheen.

Very poor lighting, sorry. On a side tangent; Why do halogen shop bulbs only last a few days? I have purchased the cheap ones at Harbor Freight for $1.50 each and they last 1.5 weeks. I have purchased the expensive ones at Home Depot for $2.50 a bulb and they last 2.5 weeks. What I do know about Halogen shop lights is they always blow out at the wrong times. That, and the bulbs suck. Tom, there is an experiment in this for a curious fella like you....

Back to the cabinets. Here is the auxiliary water tank on the curb side. A Dickinson propane fireplace will hang on that end panel to the right. That will not only heat the rear, but will also create a nice ambiance to the bedroom area. Face frames are still to follow.

Here is more of Wayne's handwork. He did an awesome job turning some worn cabinets to new again.


  1. Looking good, Frank!

    I gave up on halogen work lights in general several years ago because I got tired of constantly messing with them.

    Standard floodlight bulbs have replaced them for my shop's exterior floodlights, and I now have only one portable halogen. I treat it like it is filled with nitroglycerin, and never bump or jar it even when it is off.

    On top of that, it is always unplugged & allowed to cool before being moved. Although it is a tremendous PIA, there are times when only a 500 watt halogen light do the job.

    I feel your pain.


  2. Great work the two of you. Love the mirror-finish to the bottom of the cabinets too - you'll be able to lie on the worktop & shave !


  3. That mirror finish under the cabs fooled me, I had first thought the entire curbside wall was bending outward, then I thought it was a row of vista windows. I had a long day ; ) Looks great guys, so jealous of that propane fireplace!