Friday, May 27, 2011

2,4,6,8 Who Do I Apreciate?

Wayne, that's who I appreciate. I am very fortunate to have such a talented employee as Wayne.

I briefly, mentioned to him how I wanted to see if we could resurrect this continental cover at some point. It looked rather hopeless to me at first glance.

It had been backed into, mashed down and treated like a red headed step child. My first thought was it would be heading to the scrap yard. When I set Wayne upon cleaning up the Buddha Baby (that is this trailers very fitting name) he had remembered me saying something about resurrection.

Wayne got out some PB Blaster and soaked the retaining nut while he went about cleaning out the interior and exterior. He made short work of the cleaning and some how found a few moments to surprise me.

I was astounded when he showed me this. He asked if maybe he might have an other 15 minutes with a sand bag and a rubber mallet at some point. Once again, Wayne has astounded me. He took the task at hand seriously, went the extra mile, and exceeded my expectations once again. Thank you Wayne for being such an outstanding employee.


  1. Nice work on that. It is a great feeling to bring back something that many would have given up on.

  2. That cover looks fantastic, great work by Wayne!


  3. Just checked in here. My thanks to Wayne also. I'm relly happy to see some of the Budha Baby being resurected.
    Wasaga Chris.