Friday, July 8, 2011

In the Out Door

I am always so happy to see my customers drive away. I must be very lucky because in all my years of being in business(even in my previous cabinet making career) all of my customers have been very pleased with what I did for them. I have never had the experience of an unhappy customer and really do not know I would handle the situation if it were ever to arise. Christa was sure excited when she picked up her 1964 Globe Trotter last night. She is heading West. No real destination at this point. She showed up with a 4 x 6 UHaul loaded with all her stuff. She then loaded it all in the Globie and returned the UHaul just a few blocks up the road. She was so excited for her big adventure.

Her Globe Trotter is just an aluminum tent at this point. I got her new tires mounted and the bearings repacked. All the running lights were done and brakes wired into the four wire system. I also installed my last Bargman L100 lockset and a matching dead bolt. Her trailer needs it all except tires.
Godspeed to you Christa. I hope the road leads you to your dreams.

The very next morning a sexy little 1966 Caravelle slipped right into the space vacated by the Globie going out the in door.

Her name is the Shiney Hiney for good reason.

We will be polishing her back up and sealing all her seams. Stopping those pesky curved glass windows from leaking will be a challenge we will over come. All her hatches and vents will be sealed against leaks. There is also a list of things to correct that were done by a company with a very similar name to my company.

She looks pretty sexy to me as she sits now.

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