Friday, July 8, 2011

Free to Me, Free to You

I love this ad from a 1962 Trail R News. That Compact is only 12 1/2 feet long. That would make a perfect Sisters on the Fly or Tin Can Tourist rig.

Well, guess what. Here it is in the flesh. Two owners, the second one owned it almost it's entire life. She towed on the Al-Can Highway and the Trans Canadian. During the time she did, there were long stretches that were just gravel. Her lower panel on the front shows testament to this adventure.

If only wasps made honey. The window is a solid block of nests.

I love the wide rise to the side sheets and the wide drop(opposite to the sides) on the ends.

The license plate is from 1977.

Natural birch interior. It is all complete, but will mostly be used for patterns. The ad says sleeps 6.

The two single beds join together to make a triple bed. Above it there are three single cots that suspend from a rail along the wall. All three cots are there.

Sorry, blurry, but needed.... she will take a little more than upholstery.

Front kitchen with ,YES, a toilet. All that in 12 1/2 feet. The body is only 10 feet.

Her owner found my web site and like the idea of a free trailer with a restoration. Now I just need to find some 13" trailer tires.

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  1. Awesome. My brother-in-law owns a vintage Compact. We used to take it to the big swap meet in Carlysle PA every year and live in it for the duration of the show (we were vendors.)