Friday, October 19, 2012

What Skin Tear

We had a 1953, 18 footer come for some insurance damage work. Under that black duct tape is a big puncture caused by a flat bed tow truck.  The truck turned too tight and the bed went right through. It actually went all the way through. 

We removed the interior furniture, the interior skin, the 59 year old insulation, and then the exterior panel. The original panel was copied exactly from the original. Here you see the new skin fit back into place. Cleckos are holding it in place until buck rivets were set into place. The blue stuff is a film coating to keep from scratching the Alclad.

All bucked into place. Just need to put the belt line back on. 

All fixed and back together. Better than new...

The Shiny Hiney left us this week. She sure is a sexy trailer.


  1. Just like that - lovely work Frank !

    Was she a Flying Cloud ? (I know they're 21ft but the body is 18ft).


  2. No, She is an 18 footer. Serial number 3132.

  3. Very nice, reminds me of the rear lower panels I replaced on my 65. I loved it but it is a steep learning curve.

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