Saturday, May 4, 2013


The things one finds in a belly pan are astounding. Virtually all of it is NASTY!

Piles of decomposing plywood mixed with the urine of various rodents.

Stinking and fetid. 

It offers zero insulating factor.

You haven't restored a trailer until you stand on the ground, inside your trailer.

It isn't a complete restoration until you can lay on your back and look at the interior, from the exterior.

Having Michael working with me has been excellent. He has been a serious go getter. He does complain(a little) about what he has to do(but does it anyhow with pride). So would you if you came home smelling of mouse urine and rodent feces. The rotten plywood smell is actually pleasant in comparison.

In my last post, I spoke of the two sections of front flooring we were replacing. Here they are removed.

I also spoke of a template., here that is. Keep in mind, the thickness of the "C" channel is going to be added on to this. Well, not the entire thickness. In 1964, the Ohio Factory held the plywood back 1/8" from the perimeter of "C" channel. I will save someone from asking; The channel is 1 1/2" wide in 1964. I therefore cut the plywood 1 3/8" from the template face. You might also notice the template is 1" from the straight edge of the sheet.

That is because the sheets overlap each other 1" with a rabit joint. 

Trace the line, cut it out...

Rodents have teeth that are always growing. They seek out solid material to chew on so that their teeth can get ground down. Rats are very fond of concrete. Mice love insulated wire. For all of your information; squirrels are rodents. They are closed to rats genetically than any other rodent. They are so cute are they not? Enjoy them in your belly pan.

No wonder the left turn signal(red) and the brakes(blue) did not work.

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