Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Next Up.

Next up, 1964 Overlander for structural restoration. This is what many would call an owner assist project.

Michael has done all the interior removal in advance of her rolling onto the shop floor.

He has replaced all the glazing, window seals, and gaskets. He has also diligently sealed all the seams and possible leak points that he can. 

The entire interior has been gutted out. This trailer was your typical mouse hotel and the insulation was saturated with mouse urine and feces. Michael took the time to clean it very though-ally and sanitized it with bleach. Three, four foot sections of floor are going to be replaced. You can see the template for front curved section leaning against the wall, behind the reflection of my office.

Here is the back section of original floor on top of the new sheet of plywood. The entire back 3" is missing. Almost all the crucial info is gone.

Fortunately I do not have to guess to make it up since I made a template. The template gets it right every time. I don't have a photo to demonstrate, but I template the "C" channel and added it's thickness back on, when copying it.

Bamm! Perfect fit. 

Michael decided early into his project that he was going to go all the way. The smell of mouse urine just did not sit well with him. The belly needs to come down and all the nasty insulation removed in the front half too. It is amazing how many nuts have fallen out already.

I hope you will follow along as Michael, with the assistance of Frank's Trailer Works, restores this beautiful 1964 Overlander from the ground up. The project will be a complete restoration, with all the modern conveniences. Michael has a thread on about his project. Perhaps you might want to dialog with him there. Feel free to comment here also.


  1. It will be an awesome Airstream fer sure!

  2. As you may recall, my Overlander sat for ~23 years before I got her. Oddly, other than a squirrel chewing through the fridge's power cord, varmints did not appear to be a problem.

    Ants were, and I have to spray every year. In fact, there were a lot tiny ones on our Mississippi trip. I'm headed out right now to spray for this year.