Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sixty Eight

I am beginning to think there might be a Caravel gravitational pull emanating from FTW. Yet another Caravel has come to have some work done. Her owner brought her in for a new axle kind of knowing she needed a lot more. A ground up starts at the axle and goes from there so no lost work here.

She does need a lot more. She is a very original little lady. Just about all her original parts are still with her. 1968 has the wicked cool square tail light housings. I absolutely love the "Land Yacht" emblem on the back.

Unfortunately, her floor has been going bad for a lot of years. About 80% of the perimeter is gone.  Yep, you see frame there on the right.

Her beauty sure is not gone. I have really come to love these compact but extremely efficient models. A perfect fit for one person or a couple. I am sure a close family can make a good go of it too.

A little beauty mark. I'll bet you a buck I make that go bye bye...

One more. I cannot make it go bye bye, but I can make it a lot harder to see.

I know you want to see inside. Sorry, you will have to wait.

I hope you will soon be seeing this trailer made brand new 1968 very soon.

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