Tuesday, June 4, 2013


I have a very unusual project coming up. As many of you have gleaned, we are all about breathing new life in these old girls. The main goal is to get them back on the road, however, sometimes the road is no longer an option.  The priority then becomes making sure any good parts are harvested so other trailers can make it back. You might note that every single piece of aluminum is damaged beyond reuse. She just has nothing left to give. The very last option is taking them to the recycler. An Airstream pays far less in scrap metal than most people think. Someone once told me there is $2500 in scrap. In reality there is about $800 worth, IF, you spend 50 hours to separate it all out and get top dollar for it. Take a trailer in, with a title, and they give you $300. Short of selling it for scrap, this trailer is going to get an entirely new lease on life. It will soon become a chicken house. Yes, a chicken house. I have a vested interest in this project because Michael has been a close friend for almost 30 years and half the flock will be mine. Stay tuned for this unique and unusual project.


  1. Imagine for a minute here if reincarnation exists. If so then you just have to name one of the future residents Wally.

  2. True about the 50 hours of work to cut one up to get $800. The $300 is a much better deal (if you have a real job).
    A chicken coop is a grand plan. Sure beats being made into new beer cans.