Wednesday, May 21, 2014

1968 Caravel, Ten of ...

I know, I promised the next post would be the final post. It could be, because the Caravel is now 100% finished. I however could not end a project like this on the tenth post when it is a project taken to ELEVEN. So bare with me on my second to last post.

A major change to the appearance of the Caravel was loosing the 1970's aluminum Ford rims. They just did not look right to me.

As you can see they are very wide. Combined with the small tire size, they just looked odd.

The mags were replaced by powder coated steel rims. We kicked it up a notch by doing a double silver pinstripe on the flat of the rim. A nice reproduction set of baby moons from Vintage Trailer Supply tops it all off very nicely. Did I mention how much I love Carlisle tires? I do.

Perhaps as soon as tomorrow I will have a final post of the 1968 Caravel project. I am excited to show you some other things we have been doing at FTW.

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