Monday, June 2, 2014

Polish Time 1 of...

We have been trying out a new polishing system that came to us via the mail. The polish does not have a name yet. I vote for Shineola. I was asked to "test drive it".

In the condensed 45 second video above you will see what it takes to do the first step of this system. It starts with a custom cotton wheel and a white rouge made to the suppliers specification. The instructions told to me repeatedly, for every square foot you do, begins with a clean wheel.  Clean, raked, wheel was emphasized. Next a touch to the rouge bar then go at it. 30 seconds later, run the wheel through the rake and repeat. Repeat till done.


  1. Do the Tin Can Tourists know about this product yet? :-D

  2. Wow, so much work and dedication from you and your crew. The work is fascinating to watch. It is so hard to find people who take so much pride in their work! Great job !