Thursday, January 8, 2009

The harem grows Airstream #O 6039

Frank is one happy dude. Be very certain of this fact my friends, Frank is very happy. The harem has grown by one more very sexy girl. This girl is really something special to me. Her name is Luna, and she will most likely remain as mine forever. A trailer like this does not come along every day. I have been thinking of her day and night since she was finally offered to me for sale.

She is a 1954 Airstream front kitchen Safari. Thirteen panels of Alcoa beauty grace her end caps. Three long street side windows for total light saturation to the interior. Hehr Standard windows all the way around.

A door with in a door is a must. This one is in a non suicide door. It opens against the wind for those not familiar with the way the door opens. This configuration eliminates the chance of a door flying open on the highway. I like the danger factor of the suicide door, but this old girl cannot have everything going for her. The plan is for a total shell off, frame off restoration. When completed walking into Luna will be like stepping back to 1954. Now to go fetch her. Might have to wait for all that snow to melt.


  1. She's nice, but what is the really, really, REALLY, cool trailer in the background of the second photo showing the non - suicide door... wow! Can't wait to watch this one get re-newed!

  2. Beautiful trailer, FTW!

    Can't wait to follow Luna's restoration.


  3. What a treat! I look forward to your resto/reno on this one and am green with envy. Several shades actually.

  4. Wait...No it's not....YES....Maybe?....I think it's a 13 panel trailer that Frank has been drooling over for about a year. The economy is improving, and Frank will have trailers to work on for months to come. Silver is the BEST investment. Congratulations Frank.

  5. I sometimes have to wonder. Either Frank is a member of the Rockefeller family, or pays his psychologist with renovated vintage beauties for the 4 day a week therepy he's been receiving over the past several years for his addiction to gorgeous vintage aluminum. . . .

    Obviously just kidding, also plainly envious.
    I look forward to seeing your new trophy's rebirth - on the Forums?