Saturday, January 3, 2009

too many choices

Let me tell you coordinating all the surfaces in a trailer remodel is no easy task. It takes a great deal of visualizing abilities. I have to kind of see the finished project before I even begin, honing in the details is my job. When it comes to laminates there are five major manufactures. Each one has a standard line of at least 200 choices. Then each one has a specialty line too. The choices are simply over whelming.

There are so many choices that it actually can be daunting to make a choice. I put a bunch of them on the edge of the counter top blank and tried my best to visualize it in the areas it will be used. A vanity top seems like a small thing, but it makes a huge visual impact. All the details within the room need to all work well together, for it is hard to hide things in such a small place.

This one was shot down by three people right away. They thought it was too busy. One friend said it remind him of leopard skin. I let it pass down the list of choices even though I liked both. The colors of the right sample worked very well with the color of the cherry.

This sample on the right was high in the running for a while. I thought the circles were rather reminiscent of the rivet heads that litter the floor when drilling off interior panels. The colors in the pattern worked nicely and from a distance make a nice soft look. It just did not feel like something my client would seek out.

I wanted something kind of retro and a little dated. This is a 1961 travel trailer, so that aesthetic is kind of important to me. I felt this one was too busy with a veneer that has so much character. I think someone will want a trailer done that is more wild and you will see this one used in a future project.

This one is kind of interesting. It is a lot like linoleum in it's appearance. The speckles are nice for hiding dirt but it is just too dark.

This is what I went with. It is Wilsonart 4876-38 Sheer Mesh. I like the pattern for it reminds me of grandma's oil cloth kitchen table cloth. Very simple and very classic. The light color will also brighten up the bathroom. The response I got to it from the client was "cool ass cool, I like it". Good thing he likes it because I already purchased the sheets needed.


  1. I think it's "Cool Ass Cool!" too!

  2. Yep, I agree. And choosing is tough. I'm finding that out with Elvis.

  3. Your final selection is just as the client stated. Keep posting your progress. It's inspirational because I want to swap out the interior colors of mine to a more retro look and feel.